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The Woodsong Acoustics Concert series is a group of guitarists that perform Hawaiian Slack-key guitar (now a four-time Grammy award winning genre of music) as well as Contemporary Fingerstyle guitar music. What makes this series unique and refreshing is the opportunity for emerging artists to share the stage and their music with some of the most world renowned, world-class musicians in the genre. The Woodsong Acoustics Group is proud to have featured Alex de Grassi, Michael Manring, William Coulter, Benjamin Verderey, Adam Werner, Chris Yeaton, John Keawe, Antonio Calogero, and many more!

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Chris Yeaton

Hawaiian-born, Chris Yeaton draws from a lineage of great Hawaiian slack key tradition.  His musical inspiration and journey begins with one of Hawaii's most celebrated musicians, master Slack Key guitarist Keola Beamer, and would continue with Big Island Slack Key master John Keawe. Yeaton credits his good friend and guitar guru, Gordon Rowland, for providing his first opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience. Since then he has become more and more interested in performing and sharing his music and venues with other musicians like him through woodsongacoustics.com.

Along with traditional slack key pieces he now incorporates a blend of contemporary Fingerstyle into his playing, drawing from other renowned artists such as William Ackerman, Alex de Grassi, William Coulter, Peppino D'Agostino, and Keoki Kahumoku. Yeaton's is a unique style of beautiful and progressive Slack Key. His 2nd album "Ho'o Pa'a, The Stand" was released in January of 2006. In February of 2005 he completed his first national tour with guitar masters Keola Beamer and John Keawe. Chris has a Pool & Catchment tank cleaning business locally in Kailua Kona Hawaii. www.poolbrite.net

Adam Werner - Progressive Fingerstyle Guitar

Adam Werner is a solo acoustic guitarist with an interest in unconventional techniques, styles and applications to fingerstyle guitar playing. He has an impressive musical background of experience and education. Adam continues to move forward and grow as an accomplished musician and artist. Indigenous to California, Adam grew up with rock guitar legends, such as: Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, among many others. Adam started his first rock band, IMAGINE, in the early 1990's and gained much respect as an innovative and progressive musician who incorporated odd meters, unorthodox key changes and intricate instrumentation with compositions that pushed the boundaries of rock music. He soon found the desire to explore the acoustic guitar when introduced to Windham Hill and its artists, such as: William Ackerman and Michael Hedges. Soon after, Adam decided this was the direction he was destined to go. Adam Werner's debut label release, "Signatures," has become a new addition to solo acoustic guitar. This album is a culmination of emotionally intense compositions with technically exceptional playing and profound musical energy. Merging the traditions of finger-style techniques with provocative percussive elements adds an extra flavor to this music. A touch of electric bass, masterfully created by Kentaro Otsuka, is featured on this album.

Adam's extensive performance schedule, as a solo artist, as well as with Chris Yeaton and the Woodsong Acoustics Group, has exposed many people to his wonderful guitar styles throughout the Mid-Western United States and the Hawaiian Islands. He has performed with such people as Alex de Grassi, Michael Manring, William Coulter, Ben Verdery, Hawaiian Slack-Key Master John Keawe and Antonio Calogero, among others.

Adam is also an emerging producer, releasing his first production, "Woodsongs: An Acoustic Guitar Collection", which features some of the best known guitarist, such as, Will Ackerman, Alex De Grassi and Preston Reed, coalescing with the best know emerging artists, such as, Michael Hewett, Sergio Altamura and Nick Cosimano. For more information about Adam, his projects, releases and tour schedules, please join the email list and sign the guest book! www.adamwerner.com.


Chris Yeaton

"...Innovative and refreshing..." - Keola Beamer

"Keola Beamer and Chris Yeaton are musical treasures . . ."    ~Mark Hasslehoff

"There's assurance and invention in his strumming; he's learned well and carries the tradition with dignity. Yeaton's got a Hawaiian soul and is one to watch. In time, he should be right up there with his mentors." - Wayne Harada, Honolulu Advertiser

Adam Werner

"I came to know Adam Werner's work via his performance tributes to Michael Hedges; performances which I, as Michael's producer, found to be deeply respectful of Michael's work and legacy. Those performances required considerable technical talent, but I've now had a chance to connect with the powerful emotional depth of his own compositions as well. Adam Werner is a marvelous technician who requires more of himself than simple gymnastics. His music is both impressive technically and emotionally vocative. He's one of the few post-Hedges guitarists who have something to say."
- Will Ackerman

"...delightful and dreamy e-bow piece "Thank You" by Adam Werner..."

- A. Romero - World Music Central

"Adam does a great job of re-creating the feel of the classic Windham Hill recordings and adds a few twists of his own." -Michael Manring


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Chris Yeaton

Adam Werner

Chris & Adam Duets


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  1. 1Chris - The Stand

  2. 2Chris and Adam - Over New Land

  3. 3Adam - Home in Hanalei

  4. 4Adam - Apprentice of a Dead Man

  5. 5Adam/M.Manring - Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit

Possible 3rd Artists List

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  1. 1Andy McKee

  2. 2Ben Verdery 

  3. 3Billy McLaughlin 

  4. 4David Cullen

  5. 5Jeff Oster

  6. 6John Keawe

  7. 7 Michael Hewett

  8. 8 Nick Cosimano

  9. 9Robert Walling

  10. 10Rudy Perrone

  11. 11Will Ackerman

  12. 12William Coulter

If there is an artist not on the list who you would like to see perform with Woodsong, please let us know.


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